Why Electa Electricals

We, team ELECTA would like to humbly represent ourselves as, complete dealers of electrical necessities. Be it in the case of the range of service or the quality of service that we provide. As dealers of all kind of electrical equipment, we have a perfect trading division capable of providing electrical and networking solution all the way through United Arab Emirates, as well as in whole sale and retail markets outside the country.

Why Electa Power Services

ELECTA POWER TECHNICAL SERVICE LLC provides renovation and construction as well as assembly and carpentry services. The company provides a wide range of construction services with own equipment and long-standing experience. The company's offer includes both minor renovations and construction of detached houses, industrial foundations and production rooms.

The demand for electrical power is continuing to grow while the effective use of energy and the maintenance of its supply are the major tasks facing every supplier and user of electrical power. Surveys have shown that the foremost reason for electrical equipment failure is Insufficient Inspection and Proper Maintenance. This is especially true for electrical equipment interruptions which can cause serious economic losses.

To help control unscheduled outages, suppliers and users of electrical power are using POWER TECH Electrical Equipment and Maintenance Services. These Services will normally identify problem areas that require immediate attention or changes to establish maintenance programs.

Why Electa Power Technical Services

AMC Work
Maintanance Work
MEP Works
Plumbing & Electrical
Cable Management System
Network Solutions
Warehouse Manufacturing

Our Chairman

We are immensely happy to start rendering our sincere service to fulfill your power needs. We take this opportunity as a privilege as it is a rare opportunity to be an A to Z solution for your power problems. With this good start we except Electa Electricals Trading LLC to become the number one dealers of electrical products in United Arab Emirates. It is with utmost pleasure that we let you know that we are wholly into the electrical business, in both wholesale and retail markets as well as exporting. As we are a step ahead of all, We expect ourselves to be placed in the No. 1 position in the field. with firm trust in God almighty we hope the best to happen.

- Hassan naser abdurazak al razooqi


Exporting all kinds of electricals like all types of sensors, al types of wires, cat6 cables, low voltage switchgear controls..etc. for more infor mation Click here


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We are selling products in retail also for smal sectors like home, small shops etc. for more infor mation Click here